Nestor Redondo by BIRA

Nestor Redondo Caricature
by Bira Dantas

Bira Dantas is a 43 year old Brazilian cartoonist 
with a love for Philippine Comics Art. 

Born in São Paulo, Brasil, Bira illustratrated for Os Trapalhões from 1980 to 1982. He has been, since 1985, a member of the AQC, or the Cartoonist and Comics Drawer Association. 

He has published his work in Pântano, Tralha, Porrada, Megazine, Bundas and LULA (A Winner's History and Official Comics Biography of the new Brazilian President), and newspapers like  Retrato do Brasil, Folha da Tarde, Diário do Povo, and
to Workers Unions Newspapers from São Paulo. 

He also publish in the following websites:

Since 1985, he has been selected in Humor Contests in Brasil as Piauí, 
Belo Horizonte/Caratinga (MG), Santo André/Ribeirão/Araras/Piracicaba (SP), 
UNACON (Brasília), Carioca Humor Contest and Volta Redonda (RJ), Porto 
Alegre/Lageado/Univates (RS), Pernambuco (FIHQ-PE).

He's been selected in International Contests of Cartoons as ParaRAIL 
World from Rússia and II Rencontre du Dessin de Presse Carquefou, France.

1986-First Prize (caricature) Cartoon Contest of Belo Horizonte 
1992-Special Prize at Humor Saloon of Araras (Brasil)
2000-Two special Prizes at Humor Saloon of Ribeirão Preto (Brasil)
2002-Merit Diplom (Zumbi dos Palmares) from Municipal Chamber of 
(São Paulo) and Best Brazilian Cartoonist / Angelo Agostini Prize
2003-First prize (caricature) at Ramiz Gökçe Cartoon Festival (Cyprus),
Angelo Agostini Prize as brazilian best cartoonist.
2004- Special prize at Volta Redonda?s Humor Contest and Angelo 
Prize as brazilian best cartoonist.
2005: Speaker in the World Comics Conference (South Korea).
2006: Third Angelo Agostini Prize as Best Brazilian Cartoonist.