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Sept. 14 2000
For those wanting to read my comic book Wasted, this is your chance! Starting this month, PULP magazine, published by the Fookien Times Yearbook Publishing Company with the cooperation of Tower Records Philippines, will be serializing Wasted. Each of Wasted's 8 chapters will appear in 8 installments in PULP, beginning with Pulp #8, with the cover of Francis M above.

Sept. 5 2000

I'm not really into that chat thing, but since I've been so gracefully invited by ABS-CBN News, I just can't refuse. I've hung around the chat room for a while and it looks like it will be fun.  This is my first time to chat like this so pardon me if I fall on my face or something.  Yep, log on if you feel like it, and ask me any questions about the stuff I do. It's all happening on September 8 at 3 pm at the Abs-Cbn News site.


July 6 2000

I've been confused by the many messages I have received lately saying something to the effect of "Hey, man, are you DEAD?" They would continue saying "See, I was reading Stone #4 and it says you're dead!". I haven't gotten a copy of it yet so I went over to the comic store and true enough, there I was, dead! I had worked on all issues of Stone, including all 4 issues of Volume 1, and 3 issues of Volume 2. This was the only issue I had not worked on.   It was already the time when I was devoting much of my time inking over Whilce in X-Force.

Here to the right is a scan of that tombstone which confirms it! It's drawn by Whilce, Lan Medina, inked I believe, by Alejandro Sicat. So, what's up with that? See, long before any issue of Stone came out, Whilce told me that the character's real name is in fact, Gerry Alanguilan. Well, I just laughed at that. Once  you get to know him, you'll realize how much of a kidder Whilce is. Ha! Ha! Ha! I said. Whoooboy! A character named after me! Wheee! Obviously, I was having fun with it.

Ok then so issue #1 comes out and holy crap! They really named the character after ME!!! To be honest, I actually broke out in cold sweat.  I thought that people will get confused as to who the character is and who the inker is. I'd be walking a con and Avalon readers would come up to me and say, hey, why did you name yourself like the character eh? Getta life!

Turns out it was an OK thing after all. It's cool having a character named after you. Cooler still that it's one of the first Filipino comic book characters in an international comic book (The first one was Grail, aka Joel Alonday, named after Whilce's old school chum).

So now the character Gerry Alanguilan is apparently dead now, as to why, hey you gotta check out the comic book yourself! I'm sure there are still some copies floating around out there.