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May 27 2000

A lot of my friends working in comics have pointed out to me the benefits of selling original art over at EBAY.  After being inspired by their many success stories, I was prompted to check Ebay out and to see if I could do it myself. I learned that, for some reason, a credit card is needed to sell anything on Ebay, and it something that I don't have.  So when a former work aquaintance approached me about selling my art over at Ebay, I agreed, just to see what all that is about, and to see if I could make a viable living out of it, as an added income to comics. 

If you are interested in buying art by me and inked by me, head on over to Ebay now following these links:

This is the same image that can be found on my site. Click Here.



April 28 2000
Comics Available This Week!

X-Force 103!  My second issue on the book is now out!  It's written by Warren Ellis and Ian Eddington, pencilled by Whilce Portacio and inked by me.  It's been a terrific thrill so far working on the book. Inking Cannonball has been such a blast, specially because Sam has been a favorite character of mine for so long.

Unfortunately, I won't be inking much of #104 due to circumstances beyond my control. I'm disappointed, since I've been busting my ass with the pages I've done so far, but such things happen.  So I'm just looking forward to inking #105 instead and I'll make that the best inking I've ever done.

April 22 2000
Huge update on the San Pablo page of this site!!

Or sweating like a stuck pig, that's what I did last Good Friday, April 21 after climbing Mt. Lumot here in San Pablo City.  Heaving and legs buckling, I staggered up the summit.  I looked to my guide Kute and he wasn't even sweating. Jeez, I'm so totally out of shape and I need more exercise before I even think of doing anything remotely like this again. For the complete lowdown on what went on there, click here.  Or you can go to the front page, and click on San Pablo.  The San Pablo page on this site has been until now unclickable. I had originally intended that page to give surfers to this site an idea of what my hometown is like.  That is still my intention and "Good Friday" will eventually become a part of the San Pablo page. 

April 12 2000
Startingly organic inking is what I would describe Alfredo's inking over Rick Veitch for Swamp Thing #52.
Click on the image to see a larger image.
Alfredo Alcala

I was extremely saddened to hear of Alfredo's passing due to cancer not too long ago. He is one of those veteran Filipino comic book artists that I truly look up to and and whose work I truly admire.  I marveled at his own work,  Voltar,  which blew me away with its lushness and detail, and enjoyed the comic books he inked, among them many issues of Swamp Thing, written by Alan Moore.

I'm glad to say that I had the great opportunity to meet and talk with him at the 1997 San Diego Comics Convention. I approached his table quite sheepishly, truly excited and nervous at the prospect of finally meeting this man whose work meant  a lot to me. There were a lot of people surrounding him, and I sort of managed my way near him to see him draw. Upon noticing I was a Filipino, he immediately set me aside to talk to me in Tagalog. I introduced myself, and told him I was an inker for Image comics. ( I had just finished working on Wildstorm Spotlight #2 and 3, featuring Loner, written by Steven Grant and pencilled by Roy Allan Martinez.) 

He grabbed several pieces of paper and he proceeded to give me lessons on drawing while railing, quite loudly, about how many of the current artists can't draw squat. Old as he was and hands shaking (proabably from his illness that he most likely already had at the time), he went on to draw these amazingly gorgeous bodies and legs without much effort. I was totally blown away. He went on talking, mostly about drawing, sometimes strongly suggesting that I settle there in the States, sometimes showing off his displayed artwork, and  inquiring how the Philippine comics industry was doing. He kept on talking, as if refusing to let me go. And to be honest, I didn't want to. For a man his age (and I realize later, a man who was sick as he was), he was quite energetic and animated.

We parted ways not too long after, but not before I bought his book "Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master: The Art of Alfredo Alcala" written by Heidi MacDonald and Philip Yeh. An amazing book and a terrific resource for aspiring artists.  I had it signed of course. That book, and the pieces of paper where he gave me drawing lessons, are things that I will be keeping with me always.

April 1, 2000
Comics Available This Week!

Two comics that I worked on are available this week! First of all is X-Force #102. I'm totally excited by this one because I finally get to work on an entire book for Marvel, something that I've wanted to do for a long time. Sure, I did work for Marvel before on Wolverine, but I worked on only a few pages at a time.  I'm happy with my work on both X Force #102 and 103, but I'm totally going crazy on pages for #104.  It may be taking me longer to work on each page because of that, but I see no other way of working on them now for me. 

I guess I would just have to work harder so that I can turn them in in time.  I hope you all stick around this book for a while because Warren is also turning in fantastic stories each month, plus Whilce's pencils are just getting better with every page that I receive. 

X-Force 102 is written by Warren Ellis and Ian Eddington, Pencilled by Whilce Portacio, inked by me and colored by Avalon Studios.

The next comic is TAXMAN from Comics Conspiracy. It's written by Doug Miers, pencilled by Don Walker, inked by my pal Jason Maranto, and colored by Kevin Senft. There are 2 covers one of which I did, and that's the one you see here.  I'm excited about this as well, because this is the very first comic book that features a cover that I worked on entirely by pencilling and inking.  This is a small independent book. But it doesn't have to be small if you all rush out and get a copy and if your retailer doesn't carry it then pester him for it!!:) 

Now I'm going to say something that I hope you all don't interpret as half assed promo shit. People would say, "Of course he's going to say nice things about the book because he worked on it and he wants it to sell." Of course I want it to sell, but I say with no bias or with vested interest that I think this is a really nice comic book to read. One of the best small press books that I've read in a long time. No shit! Go and check it out!

February 27 2000

Finally updated the site after a long time! As you may have probably noticed, a whole batch of new artwork has just been uploaded. Thumbnails are on the front pageand you can click on them from there.    Images I've added are mostly from the strip I'm doing for PULP magazine called "Tales of The Big City". I've recently started to color the strip and I sort of enjoy coloring, specially by hand so I guess I'll be doing more coloring from now on. The image on the left is from that strip.

I've also uploaded an  image from our upcoming stint in X-Force. This image may be familiar to some as it has already been released widely elsewhere. It has been fantastic working on X-Force so far. Warren's plot is amazing and pulse pounding. Whilce is also particularly inspired. The pages I have been receiving to ink have been nothing less than tremendous. 

I've also added an image from Stone.

I've gone totally nuts for the Danish pop group Aqua. I have never paid much attention to them for a long time but once I saw one of their videos, I was hooked. Their songs are energetic, lively, colorful, and undeniably FUN.  Check out their newest song and video, "Cartoon Heroes" on the radio and TV and you'll see what I'm talking about.   Life is tough and serious as it is, I don't need to listen to tough and serious songs also right now. A single blast of Aqua sound is enough to perk me up and get me going for the rest of the day. Click HEREor on the Aqua logo to go to their site.

Stills from their newest video "Cartoon Heroes".

Jan 3 2000
This Is The Bullet
That nearly took my damned head off.  Well, at least I think it almost did.  I picked this bullet off the floor of our dirty kitchen in the early morning of January 1, 2000.  Where did it come from?  Here in the Philppines, there are apparently a lot of drunk gun happy people who unload their guns into the air come New Year's Eve.  Unfortunately, they are so stupid that they don't realize that those bullets will come back down to earth in the same velocity that it had when it was first fired.   A lot of people have been hit and at least two people are already dead. I wish to God those bullets hit those stupid gun happy people instead.  And these morons wanted to make a victim of me as well.  I picked up the bullet almost next to where I was frying some ham the midnight before.  There I was avoiding firecrackers because I didn't want to ruin my hands, and these stupid idiotic moronic assholes nearly kill me, or anyone of my family who were there at that particular spot at that time. I hope you DIE horribly and slowly  you stupid sack of shits.

Wow , what a greeting for the new Millenium eh?  So we are all alive then? So the world didn't end then? Hah!! So what do you say now you pathetically deluded doomsayers? Get out of your caves and get a LIFE!!

Inspite of all this, my New Year went extremely well! The family was all here and we had a nice midnight dinner.  After 2 years of not drinking, that night I got totally drunk and vomited through my nose. Hmm. Swweeet!  It was fantastic watching the fireworks go off from around the town. It was deafening. I watched the New Year roll slowly around the world on CNN. Well, the Christmas season may be over for the rest of the world, but here in the Philippines, and specially  here in San Pablo, its FAR from over.  Our town fiesta is on January 15 which is preceeded by 3 days of music and street dancing! Not long after that, my birthday! I'll be 32! Hot damn!