Humanis Rex!
HUMANIS REX! is a two-page a month full color series I'm writing, illustrating and coloring for FUDGE Magazine, published monthly by Sesame Seeds Creative, Inc.  It's my stab at trying to tell an all out sci-fi story set in the Philippines through different time periods.

General Elias Andres is a warrior from Earth's past revived from suspended animation to liberate the country and the world from alien domination.  Rodel Esguerra, also revived in the far future,  is a 20 year old virgin and Star Trek fan  from 2005 who is shunted into a life and responsibility far greater than any human has ever been asked to bear.

Expected to run 48 (and possibly even more) pages, Humanis Rex is already halfway through so there's still time to jump in! Those who missed early issues and wish to read it from the beginning, I want to assure you that it will be compiled, with additional pages, once the serialization is finished.

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