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Uploaded August 2, 2007

Alex Niņo: A Lust for Experiment VICATAN INTERVIEW
By Reg Ting
Komikero Comics Journal



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From Comic Book Artist Magazine V2 #4:

Vicatan/Vic Catan Jr - Probably the closest of all Redondo's followers, Vicatan shared the great man's beautifully lush brush strokes but married that style to an ever-so-slightly humorous sensibility. 

Although his first strip to DC appeard in House of Secrets #101 in 1972, itg was not until much later in the decade that he began to get any substantial commissions from that company. However, making up for lost time, he went on to contribute fully 60 strips for DC's horror and war books, including runs on Sgt. Rock and "The Mercenaries" (in GI Combat).

At Warren, he drew 10 strips, primarily for 1994, which, if anything, are even more impressive than his DC period.

Vicatan passed away on  May 13, 2004 in the Philippines.